Kesho Polish on nagamaki


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Polish is nearly finished a little more here and there and it will look ok . After nugui oil dries I will wipe clean and blade will have a blue caste to it . Spent about 3 weeks claying , Heat treating , Polishing , file work (Yasurimei) What do you think ..... Bubba
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Good thing those deep ugly scratches are on the tang bubba.
Great looking blade, I can appreciate the time involved on the polishing.

Yea there are a couple here and there but, the blade is clean . I think the reason that the japanese invented those 45 degree angle scratch pattern is to hide the big scratches on tang LOL . Actually the reason for the scratch pattern is to make the tang rough at the same angle is to make it hard to remove handle, makes it snug. It did take a while to polish , big wide blade and plenty of angles . It is outrageously sharp, flat ground with slight convex edge to zero. It should make quite a cutter. spine of blade is 5/16" at the Habaki. The bare blade weighs 1.5 lbs........ Bubba
I wasn't puttin down your diagonal polishing marks......
I was referring to the chicken scratchings in pic #4, which I assume is a logo of some sort, as a joke. Everything looks great.

Thanks Rudy , I didnt think you were putting it down , I took it as compliment . The little scratchings are Japanese kanji for the letter "J" which is my first initial . thanks for the kind words about my work . The more we talk about it the more other folks notice . These days every little bit helps .:biggrin: take care ...... Bubba-san
That sir, is some fine looking work. Thank you for sharing it.

That looks like it could do some serious work and just keep going.
I am not near up on the terms for Japanese weapons. Is Nagamaki similar to a Naginata? (sp?) The one I am thinking of is a pole are.
Also, Ive never seena blue finish like that. Is that from the oil?

As always Bubba, Great work!

God Bless
Bubba - I love it! I am pretty infatuated with Chinese blades, and everyone keeps telling me that they look like the naginata that have been cut down and put into sword fittings. I can see why, that is a cool shape. Look at the dao I just posted, I promise you, I appreciate the serious effort you put into that polish. Really well done. Did you do anything specific to darken the back of the blade?

good work