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Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry if I just wasted your time. I just called up Jantz Supply and they now have catalogs and they are shipping them. I just talked to this nice lady, Cindy, and she didn't charge me. You can call them now at 1-800-351-8900.

I am new to knifemaking, but one of the bits of advice that I got, turned out to be one of the most important. To help in the learning process and to see what different tools are available and how they are used, order supply store catalogs. Order any that you come across. Some companies like Sheffield, don't have a catalog that they mail out, but I believe it's available to be downloaded in .PDF format. Some other companies require a small fee for postage, but most are free!!! Here are some below that I sent for and other companies that you might be interested in:

Texas Knifemaker's Supply
Jantz Supply
Grizzly Industrial Inc.
Hawkins Knifemaking Supplies
WoodLab Wood Stabilization
Buckeye Engraving Marking Products
Blacksmiths Depot
ParaCord Products
Knife and Gun Making Supplies
Mother Earth Trading Company-Ivory Suppliers
Alpha Knife Supply
The Boone Trading Company-Ivory Supplies
USA Knifemaker Supply
Pop's Knive's and Supplies
Sugar Creek Industries-Maker of Well Priced Heat Treat Ovens
Knife Supplies.com-Natural Exotic Horn Materials
Masecraft Supply
Mother of Pearl.CC
Enco Supply
3M Sanding Paper
Sheffield Knifemaker's Supply Inc.
Center Cross Instructional Videos-Instructional Video's made by Outstanding Artisan's
Canadian Knifemaker Supply
It's A Burl-Buying Burl Wood
Admiral Steel
Crucible Steel
Niagara Specialty Metals
Harbor Freight
Nicholson Files
Smoky Mountain Knife Works
Wilton Tools
Beaumont Metal Works-KMG Grinder
Stephan Bader & Company Inc.-Bader Grinder
Coote Belt Grinder
Delta Tools
Evenheat Kiln Inc.
Paragon Industries
Peddinghaus Anvils
Big Blu Hammer Manufacturing Company
Blacksmith Supply LLC
Chile Forge
Forge Master

Check this out. I gave it a short look, but it seems jam packed with blacksmith/bladesmith information for those beginning or even those experienced. Elektric Anvil

Check this out as well: Knife Making Supplies.net

You can also see what Aldo Bruno has for steel. He is here on the forum, just do a search for his name. His email address is njsteelbaron@gmail.com.

I hope this small list helps those that are just starting, it really helped me to find out what was really out there. If this thread is found to be helpful, I'll continue to add to it as I find new vendors and such. Good Luck everyone. Any questions, just email or PM me.

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Hey Jeff , That's some good info for all of us . Information , Knowledge , these are our best tools to start with . Good Lookin' out .
The three primary places I do business are:

I am very partial to www.usaknifemaker.com - lightning fast shipping and very competitive on pricing. That's not a plug for plugs sake. Tracy's earned my loyalty.

I have purchased products from Jantz (they're about 2.5 hrs down the road) -good folks. Greaseless buffing compound, etc.

Pops knife supply. I buy about half my belts from Pops and half from Tracy.

Thank You guy's. Being honest, I originally just wanted to alert everyone that the catalogs were out again. Then I started thinking about where I was in the forums and started adding links to different vendors. I PM'd Boss Dog so that I can get the thread title changed to better reflect what the thread details. I have added numerous links since 1500 this afternoon. I hope there are plenty that are new and interesting to most people. We'll see.

Thanks Everyone for your kind words.

I added a few more vendors to the list and will continue to do so. I wanted to draw your attention to Suger Creek Kiln. They have some excellent kilns, utilizing both 110 and 240v. The smallest kiln heats up to 2000 degrees F and goes for $412.00. More to come.

I just found another site that I thought was cool. They don't have prices, you have to call. Direct from Africa, they also have C.I.T.E for whatever needs it.

Sangoma Skulls


and another one...

This one is similar to the last one, with lots of ivory. I actually talked to the guy at the Mystic show. If I had a quantity of money on me, I guarantee I would have blown it all at his table. He had some of the most beautiful fossil mammoth ivory i have ever seen!!! A couple of sets had the blue hues that look so cool. Well, here is the site, happy browsing!

Fine Turnage Productions

Since this site is sponsored by USAKnifemakers I sorta feel like links and stuff to advertise other businesses are not in the best of taste. A small amount yes, but not really pushing hard toward other suppliers. Just my feeling.
billyO, you're right, I didn't pick up on it was such an old thread. It turned up in my "new posts", which as the last post and I didn't even look at date of previous posts. I NEED to be better about checking dates