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R Appleby

Hello all here are a few most recent completed projects


Blade: 4 1/2 inch flat ground to a convexed edge satin finished S35VN.

Guard: 416SS

Handle: White tail deer antler with black and red spacers.

OAL; 9 inches

Sheath; 8/9 oz bees waxed leather pouch

Drop poits

Blade; 3 1/2 inch hollow ground satin finished 440C

Guard; 416SS

Handle; tapered tang, maroon linen micarta with black and white liners/ white paper micarta with red liners

OAL; 7 1/2 inches

Sheath; 8/9 oz bees waxed leather pouch.

Maroon linen

White Paper

Thanks for looking

Bill Hubbell

Hey Bob-
The stag one had me from hello! The other two are also very nice! Seeing that profile with the stag is making me want to try a similar profile on my next knife. Any pointers on grinding that profile? The micartas both look nice too. I suspect the linen one would have to be seen to really appreciate it.
Thx for posting,

R Appleby

Thanks Bill, I was having a hard time capturing the Maroon but it does look a lot better in the hand. I need to work on the lighting a little more.
For a convex grind I start with a flat grind leaving the edge thicker than usual. After heat treat is done I thin the edge to about 10 thousands. Then roll it toward the spine to begin blending. Finish it on a slack belt with the edge facing away from the direction of the belt travel until blended clean and shrap. Then I finish the same way with a worn 400 cork belt. To finish I strop the edge on a hard felt wheel with jewlers rouge just to cut off any burrs. and ta da, shavin sharp.