Leather wrapped handle help


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Hey guys it's been awhile but I forged this blade out and was going to do
A leather wrapped handle.
Question one is I dont want a head knot on this so how would you guys tie yours?
Question two do you guys that wrap your handles put epoxy over the wrapped leather ( thought I saw that somewhere)
This is what I am starting with any help would be awesomeness
I apply the epoxy after the wrap. I've never used leather for wrapping, so I have no idea how well it would absorb the epoxy.
Well stormcrow it absorbed it just fine but it's not all that pretty but sure is comfortable, so
Have not made up my mind yet to keep or redo or sand down a little.
Well like I said not really fond of it but people seem to like it,I am taking it to the Janesville show if people seem to not like it I'm removing the leather wrap and starting over.IMG_0894.JPG