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Bubba-san that is fantastic. If only that katana could talk & tell us where its been & what its seen and done. I have a passion for history. This is great!
I knew it was a good blade , even though most gunto swords are factory made , I could tell by the hardware ( koshirae) that is was special. Take care of that dont ever let her go , swords are one of the few antiques that when totally restored actually gain in value . I would have it polished , can be a tad expensive but will almost or maybe double or triple value........ Bubba
Thanks for all your help Bubba-san. I really enjoyed our talk last night. It is always a pleasure to talk with a forum member & another Tokin Gulf sailor!
Going through some of these older posts and ran across this one. Do you still have this sword and any photos of it ? If not disregard.