Mil Build W.I.P. thread

Made a Kydex press based on Tracy's tutorial and had to try it out so looks like I'm done. These are first Kydex sheaths and thought didn't turn out too bad for first stab. Had to reheat throats and push wrapped knives into them a couple times to get fit right, and had to figure out the Tek-loc mounting but other than that the stuff is pretty easy to work with IMHO. I wanted to come up with a sharpener that could be fit or attached into sheath but thought I'd be pressing luck on first attempt so plan on shipping each knife with a diamond sharpener and soldier can store it or toss it or whatever. These are first true tacticals I've done and was a good intro and learning for me.



Thanks Franklin- not bad for a novice...I think I can make a better Kydex sheath now-I spoke to KRob and he straightened me out on couple things....
Got my MilBuild blades back from Peters' today... thank you Brad!


Due to the recent move, it will be a couple weeks before I get these finished up and sent out for kydex... but I'm on board. Thanks again to all who've helped make this project feasible! I consider myself blessed to be a small part of this important project.