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Happy New Year, my name is Aidy Drayton

I have been a BIG fan of Movie/TV weaponry since i was a little kid... earliest memory would have been the Johnny Weissmuller "Tarzan" episodes that my parent used to enjoy watching. I liked his strength and of course his "KNIFE"

I then began to wait for the moment where each Actor would use their weapon/prop like Kirk Douglas in "Spartacus" Alan Ladd in "The Iron Mistress" right through to Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger taking the "Movie Knife" to the next level.

My vision, was to speak with the Makers, Actors, Producers & Prop Guys directly, to source genuine and reliable information and accounts. This will not only give my " TRMS Website" credibility, but also bring many of these talented Makers the extra recognition that they so rightly deserve. A place where they can tell the story of the weapon / prop that that they themselves made... IN THEIR WORDS.

As well as the talented Actors / Actresses that used them

So far it has been going extremely well, I have already spoken with and confirmed the following...

Herman Scheider - Maker of the COBRA movie knife for Sly Stallone.
Gil & Linda Hibben - Maker of the RAMBO III & EXPENDABLES movie Knives for Sly Stallone.
Jack W. Crain - Maker of COMMANDO & PREDATOR knives, plus many more!
Chuck Stapel - Maker of countless Movie and TV knives.
Jose C. de Braga - Maker of the HIGHLANDER III movie swords.
Darrel Ralph - EXPENDABLES
Bobby Branton - BANDIDAS
Paul W. Ehlers - Knife Designer to the Stars.
David R. Beck - THE HUNTED
Tony Swatton - Movie Armorer
Zorg - UK Armorer
Todd Begg - Blade Brother TV Show
Wayne P. Watson - The Last of the Mohicans

Actors Richard Chaves of PREDATOR fame, Stephen Chang V.C. Commander in FIRST BLOOD. Vernon Wells, of MadMax, Commando.

Julien’s Auctions / The Prop. Store / Shotokan911 / William Henry Studios

This list is still growing!

All of the above have very kindly agreed to participate in the idea, and Interview and to have their work listed with the REAL stories behind each piece. I hope to add more as this journey continues, and when I have fully earned each Makers trust... which I fully intend to do.

I would be forever grateful, if you would consider joining this list and participating with my "THE REAL MOVIE STARS" concept. I am looking to collate all of the relevant information, or all of the information on each "knife" or "weapon/prop" and collect as many pictures to supply the most accurate and complete online "IMAGE Library" anywhere in the World.

Kindest regards
Aidy Drayton
TRMS - Director