Multiple blades in stainless steel wrap?

Hey guys,

have any of you done multiples of the same blade design in one wrap?

I want to try wrapping 5 blades and heat treating them. I am planning to dust each with talcum powder. Perhaps a bit of something to burn off O2? Would I need to change soak time ...or...will the blades be equivalent to 1.125 thick? (they are .125) or does the fact that they are still individual pieces let them heat differently than a solid chunk?

Anything I should be concerned about?


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Ted, I'll let the knowledgeable folks chime in on this one. I've done a couple of blades in one foil pack that turned out ok. Even when the blades are exactly the same, I don't do that much. BUT, I do turn out near the number of blades you do either. This is where a Nitrogen purge would work so good with the oven doing 50+ blades.

I would think the soak time would need to be changed, perhaps not quite as much as a solid chunk 1.125" thick because the small space between blades would allow some heating. I'm just not sure. Also, if doing a plate quench will the center blades get cooled fast enough? I think I'd be almost more concerned about the quench process than the heating portion.

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I'm hanging them and air quenching...I have a car radiator fan rigged up to hit the blades. I want the 5-to-a-wrap for speed. Then I can HT 20 and only open 4 wraps. My gloves are good to 2000 degrees...but I can't fiddle with a blade at a time...they're like wearing mittens.


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Ted, as I said before, I do think you'll need to increase soak time for sure. It's going to take longer for the blade the middle to heat than it will the outside blade. Think about the length of soak time, not sure which alloy you're using, but in the case of AEB-L/13C26 soak of 5 minutes is called for a single blade of .100" but for a blade .192" they show a 25 minute soak:

So, a stack that is 1.25" thick is going to take a good long soak.