My first sword: Civil War artillery sword


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Here's a project I've been working on off and on for several weeks. It started as a leaf spring from a wrecked Dodge truck. It is styled after a Confederate artillery short sword, which is very similar to a cutlass or a giant D-guard Bowie. Overall length is 25" with a 20" blade, and sanded to 400. Weight is 2 pounds 2.6 oz. D guard is blued mild steel, and the handle is osage. These weapons were seldom very embellished, so I followed the suit. I'll have this one on my table at a show in Abilene this coming weekend, and likely at the Lone Star Knife Expo April 24/25 at Market Hall in Dallas.



A+ on everything...beautiful handle, blade, guard, wood choice! very I want to make
I love it! I was just telling my wife and showing her pics of D guard blades the other day and talking about making one. The largest blade I’ve done was a Japanese Matagi camp knife that Murray Carter had a pattern for in his book. So this would be a really fun challenge for me. Great work sir. This really looks great!