My sword plans.


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I have decided that's swords are very cool and I need one. I can't afford to stock remove one so I will forge it. I can't forge for a few months because of my arm but I want to get some information on sword making. I want to make a talwar or scimitar, maybe a wakizashi or maybe a schiavona. I don't know where to start really. What do I need to know to design and make a sword? Should I use charcoal or propane? How do I make scabbards/fittings and stuff? What kind of sword is best for a beginner? I have limited knowledge on Japanese blades from YouTube, would a wakizashi be the place to start? There eons be much action until I can use my arm properly so this thread won't be doing sol that much.
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I have decided that I'm going to go with a kukri (sirupate?), it's short enough that I can stick remove but I still would say its pretty close to being a sword so I will continue this thread instead of making a new one. I have a pattern made up. The design is not particularly traditional and I want to extend the handle about 1/8" to make more of a fish tail. I want to have a mirror finish with as much of a hamon as O1 will allow. I'm thinking about stabilised olive wood and mirrored 304SS, black and white spacers and some kind of dark wood for the palm ring. I might not have a palm ring but a dark stripe on the handle will still look nice. What do you guys think so far?
I really like your pattern:

That makes it easier for everyone to see, I woke up in the middle of the night and lent out of my bed, picked up my scissors and modified the spine before going back to sleep. I made it more of a curve.
The I think the gentler curve makes the handle look alright which means I don't have to get a bigger bit of steel. I'm going to make a chakmak and karda to go with it I think.
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This is the pattern for the chakmak and karda. The chakmak is traditionally used to sharpen the blade like a steel and as a flint striker. I couldn't find anything online but I'm told by an actual Gurkha that it is for skinning as well. It is an incredibly hard blade with no bevels. The karda is a small utility blade for delicate tasks that the kukri is too clumsy for. I don't think a kukri is complete without them.
I said I'm not going traditional so I will make a pouch for a diamond stone in the sheath. I can use the karda for skinning and firesteelery so I might replace the "blade" of the chakmak witha ferrocium rod. That way there is more utility and I can still keep the look with the two handles sticking out of the sheath.