Need help to ID this sword


My Father brought this back from Korea, he was in the infantry there and I understood it to be a war trophy. I have had 3 people look at it but none of the times could we get the handle off to see the makers marking. Now I have and need help to ID the sword and its value. It is said to be WW2 sword, tassel still in tact and scabbard in good shape, nothing touched so all still as he brought it back. Please help me to identify these markings and tell me more about this sword. Thank you, I really need help here.

Please post some good photos of the blade also to show the harmon. I belive the handle & guard/tsuba to be the typical WWII officers hardware. Looks to be a family blade though. Thats where any value lies. I am sure James will be on this thread shortly. He will be of great help.
Ill take some pictures of more of the sword, it is very hard to see the name on the part under the handle, I am sorry I dont know all of the proper terms but ill make some better pictures to post.
see if these may be better. If they still need more tell me where it is you need to see as my dad is getting old and I want him to know th4e history of this and if any value enjoy a trip on me if it has any value. I need the help and need it quickly as I can, thank you all very much.
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I saw a very similar sword on another site, Im not sure im allowed to post it. The handle was identical and the cord was the saem colors and the blade looked to be similar. Mine is positively signed and no serial numbers. I do see what I am attempting to learn what shows a SHOWA marking as first marking on highest part of signature near lowest hole on Tang?? I dont know all the terminology but I would surely appreciate help. The sword I saw was Ishido Teruhide, but my signature is different but the handle and the blade look so similar to me. I hope you can see my Harmon? line in my pictures. I really need help. It has same handle same scabbard and to me very similar looking blade same shape and shine.PLeaase please help I dont want to lose dad before we can get this solved. Than you all very very much for helping me.
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I will take a shot until Bubba-san/James show up here. In the photo of the tang there are two holes for handle attachment. The original hole for the "family" handle is the top hole with the rust closest to the two characters. The lower hole is the hole made to attach the military handle that is on the blade now. From what I understand "family" blades were used by the indiviul in military use but all "family hardware " was removed & IJA military issue hardware replaced it so everyone would look the same. James please correct any thing I got wrong.
Mr Humbarger,
I read your reply but being new to all the terminology still dont understand if the sword is worth anything? My father is still mobile but 85 and id like to sell it to send him on a trip. Is it worth anything? Thank you sir for any help.
Yes it is worth something. Nice harmon (that wavy line running the length of the blade). How much i do not know. I suggest that you send Bubba-san (James) on knifedogs a privite message. He is probably the only one hear that can really help you. He helped me with mine which looks just like yours. I do know that reading japanese characters on the tange is QUITE difficult. Bubba-san can do it. It will take time to decypher. It is reading someones hand writting. We all make the letters a bit different. So did the japanese therefore reading the (Mei) i think it is called is an art in itself. BTW your sword is known as a Shin Gunto. It's an Japanese commissioned army officers sword. Not a NCO sword.
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Thank you Mr. Harmon.

I already had sent mr Bubba San a message a few weeks ago but with no reply. 2 people here in California suggested to try him but something about his internet may be down??
I hope we can get a reply in time for my fathers sake. Thank you for your help. I agree I can see the characters but it is impossible to identify anything EXCEPT it is the SHOWA stamp closest to the blade.
I was also advised that what I now know is a Harmon line is a sign of a possibly valuable sword and that mine has a good one. This sword has been in my fathers closet for 60 years or so, it is in original condition and the blade is still very good but I of course am not an expert at all. I appreciate your helping in this. Thank you truly.