Needle sizing


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Can anyone give me an idea of what size needle I should use for my Singer 29-4. Obviously leather, leather point needle. I'm just not sure of actual size. I've seen things listed anywhere from 29-4 110 to as large as 29-4 160. Any help would be appreciated.
Are you referring to the needle size as in #22 or #24 that is sized per the thread size? OR, are you referring to the shank size that the machine clamps to? Seems like the Singer 29-4 uses the same needles at the Cowboy machines, what's called "industrial" needles having a round shank. While the ShoePatcher machine calls for the flat shank needles I use 135X16 round shank needles. I've used these 135X16 needles

Typically a #19 to #22 size needle works good for #138 thread. Size #22 to #24 needle for #207 thread and #277 thread needs something a bit larger with #24 to #26 size needle. And yes for sure the Diamond or Tri point needles for leather seems to work better than the round point.

Here's a good link for different types of needles,