New guy from Norway

Hey guys, I’m into custom vintage bikes, ground up builds but as a side project I will be having a go at a few slip joints. I have started a couple but need more know how so here I am! You guys are really talented, some of the builds I have seen are amazing!!!! Teach me teach me. I have a fairly well equiped shop, no HT besides a map tourch and a BBQ. I will see how this goes and see what I cannt do without.... .
Anybody know of Lanny’s Clip patters or CAD to be sharef let me know.


Johan Nel

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Welcome at KnifeDogs, Lester.
Many of the members here are talented indeed, and on average quite happy to share their knowledge.
Maybe you can start by showing some of the knives you have built so far?
Thanks for chiming in, as mentioned I have only started a few slip joints, none completed and I may neew to start over on them due lack of know how... sured leared alot by all the mistakes. Here is one in progress I have pictures of on my phone. 79DDF2D7-16AB-4068-B1A4-B8442D001468.jpeg 0E3AF4AE-BCEE-45FA-8A56-C11767FE71CB.jpeg
Thanks, I am waiting for a responce from Don concerning plans for slip joint.
I krep on beeing blown away by all the nice work I see on this Forum, mecca for knife nerds.... I love it!
Hi, another Norwegian maker here, but living in Sydney. Was back in Norway in August and went to the Elverum show, was great to see so many Norwegian makers.
Hallo! Hyggeligå se en annen nordman her. Hva slags kniv prosjekt har du på gang? Har en bygge tråd i ‘folding knives’ jeg håper å få ferdig før jul.