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Discussion in 'Introduction Page' started by Chris_Lyons, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Chris_Lyons

    Chris_Lyons Member

    Hey everyone,

    I have read a bunch of good info from this site, and figured I'd actually join up and say hi and thanks.
    New to making knives, but been doing some or another of construction based work for the bast 20 years.
    I have recently built a gas forge, gotten an anvil etc.. just keep trying to learn something new with every knife.
    Really enjoy it at this point, even if it is just a hobby.
    Mostly just fixed blades for now, but I'd love to learn folders too.

  2. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

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  3. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    Welcome to KD.
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  4. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland KNIFE MAKER

    Welcome to KD. Post up some pictures. Let's see what you are working on.
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  5. Chris_Lyons

    Chris_Lyons Member


    Here is my first knife. 1084/oak from home depot. BLO finish. I hate it buy I keep it to see where I started from.


    This was my 2nd knife. 1084/walnut. leather sheath.

    I just finished this one last night. It is a loose copy of #2 because I gave that one to my brother in law but I miss it. haha. 1084 and leopardwood, tung oil finish. middle pin glows in the dark.

    This is what is currently on the workbench. Low layer twist damascus of 1084/15N20 for a paring knife with black and white ebony stabilized scales.

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  6. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland KNIFE MAKER

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  7. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

    Those are all nice...the last one is going to be AMAZING!
  8. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    I say you are picking up fast...nice work!
  9. Chris_Lyons

    Chris_Lyons Member

    Thanks so much, guys! I'll be sure to post up a photo of the paring knife once its finished so you can check it out. It's around 90% :)
  10. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Dang, that's a pretty nice #2 knife for your second one. nice leather work too!
  11. Chris_Lyons

    Chris_Lyons Member

    Oh Hi Steve! Thanks, I actually learned a bunch from watching your youtube channel among so many others, so thanks to all you guys who are making those videos!
  12. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    That's not my youtube channel, I don't do youtube. unfortunately this person has the same name as me. I'm constantly getting emails for that guy from people wanting to make them all sorts of novelty junk. I wrote to him once to discuss that and he just gave me the hand under chin I guess.

    I've been making knives for 28 years and this guy came along a couple years ago and thought using his name like I have been for 28 years would be a good idea, except he makes a lot of flea market junk. although I must give his youtube site some credit, it has steered quite a few sales to me. usually people realize my website isn't him when they see what I make compared to what he's putting out on youtube.
  13. Chris_Lyons

    Chris_Lyons Member

    oh, well screw that guy then.. I just unsubscribed. Hi to the real Steve Miller! haha. I just checked out your site, and it seems I am following the wrong person!
  14. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    Yea Chris, I get emails from people watching some of his stuff. they want to know how much for a starship trooper horse shoe knife, railroad spike hatchets and fantasy stuff from movies I've never even heard of. just crazy, crazy stuff.

    I've had to add a caption to my contact page on my website to try and tell people not to contact me about these ridiculous things but I still get them.

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