New Sheath project

That's NICE - I've been wanting to try something like that. I've got some rawhide for the inset, but that rattlesnake really does look GREAT. Keep posting as your finish the sheath - as in a WIP? Please?
Just a suggestion, for what it's worth. You might try stitching around the windows with a fine stitch. I think that it would set it off.


Yes I agree but the center rib is too thin to get stitching in. In the future I would make that wider. I made it thin to showoff the Snake skin but in retrospect it should have been at least twice as wide!
Finally done! Ran into a problem with Sam Brown fastener. One of the leather layers started to split. I ended up cutting the delamination with an Xacto #11 blade till it ended then filled the void with Super Glue and clamped for 24 hours. It seems to have worked!20201025_130458.jpg20201025_130559.jpg