New Short Sword Fresh Off The Bench

David Stifle

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Hi guys,

This is a 16.75" forged 1075 blade with a 3/16's spine and a 9.5" wrapped handle over a walnut core. It's a bit of a fusion blade, thus the hapoon tipped blade with Japan-esy furniture. It's a compact, nimble sword, weighing 2.25lbs and balancing approx. 4" in front of the guard. It's razor sharp, and a fine chopper. I welcome your comments, thanks.


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David that is a fine blade the grind is very good , I love the recurve and the Japanese touch always makes a knife look better .
thanks for posting ............. Bubba-san
Very nice work David!!! I really like the raw elegance of the blade design & finish,very very nice.I am a fan.Thanks for sharing it with us.
Very unique and cool! The grind and texture are great and I really like it.
Also I think you invented a cool new word too!
Japan-esy! LOL
Nice work ! I like the longer handles on the short sword myself . I think it gives a multi grip and helps with balance . She's a beauty !!