New Skinner In Progress (Finished)


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Got a new one epoxied up last night. Handle shaping next.
Alabama Damascus
Giraffe Bone
Copper liners
Mosaic pins
The giraffe bone polishes up nice. Looking forward to finishing this one.:)



C Craft

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That turned out well, very well indeed!! The contrast between the copper and color of the Giraffe bone scales is a good fit. The use of the copper/silver mosaic pins is the finishing touch!!


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That looks awesome. I’ve got some giraff bone i’m holding back for the right blade.
The bones on the blade and the blade itself really compliment each other. Great job!


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Thanks for the feedback guys. It's very helpful for a new maker to stay on the right track. If you ever see anything that looks out of place please let me know. That is very helpful also. Thanks again!!!