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Sean Jones

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I'm getting ready to order some stencils from Ernie for marking my knives and would like opinions on my mark. My last name obviously is very common so I've included the city and state. The only drawback I can see is West Jordan is a suburb of Salt Lake City and some people may look else where in Utah. But I didn't want to use Salt Lake City as there are several people with the same name in Salt Lake. So far none in West Jordan

I think this is a decent way to represent myself. Let me know what you guys thinkWest Jordan Logo.jpg


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I like the Celtic knot. It will look good on a blade. It might be tough to get the black outlines and the thinner white inside parts to show properly when etching. I could very easily be wrong about that though, might need to test it a few ways maybe? Ernie will be able to help you with that I'd imagine.

The name/location thing is tougher. People will look for you with a google search. What they will see/find depends on the various web presences you have - website, social media (facebook, Instagram, pinterest, etc.) Most likely someone would search for "sean jones knives or sean jones knife maker" things like that. Then they will look at those results to see if there's a knife maker in there somewhere!

At least that's what I'd do if I had seen one of your knives and wanted to learn more.

Sean Jones

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Thanks for the feedback chrisstaniar

I'll keep in mind what you've mentioned about the outline of the Celtic knot. Since I'm Irish the Celtic knot means quite a bit to me, and has many interpretations, so it seems like a good fit.

I'll contact Ernie and work with him on it and see if he has any input.


I think the symbol will work fine in a stencil. My mark is my portrait at left, and the letters are rendered in outline at 5/8" long. The detail etches just fine.

Sean Jones

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Thanks Heikki.
I talked with Ernie today. A very nice gentleman and he came up with a design that I actually like better.
He said what I had contained too much verbiage. I will have them next week. Here's the proof he sent. Jones Sean 4519 Logo.JPG