Oven Controllers


I’m looking at a HT oven (probably a Jen-Ken) and wondering if it’s worth the $$ to pay for the controller upgrades.

What do y’all have? Does anybody have one of the 3 button outfits?


After getting some input here, I went with the TAP and like it. Specifically the ability to save multiple programs for different steels. Is it worth it? Hard to say, this is my first one.

Gene Kimmi

I have the Jen-Ken 21" airbath and went with the 3 button controller. I'm sure the other controllers are better or have more opotions, but I get along fine with the 3 button. I decided to upgrade to solid state instead of the more expensive controller.


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I've got an EvenHeat with the low end controller with only 4 memories. I've not seen a problem with not having many memories - heck, I can't remember what I've got in each memory anyway, so scroll thru the settings to look which are easily changed as needed. I can change settings faster than I can find the paper I wrote down the memory settings.

Now, that TAP controller with WiFi would be neat {g}


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i have an old paragon front door kiln that works good with a special Foote controller. the power cord runs through a foot switch and when the temp is where i want it, i use the Foote controller to turn power off and on till done. I can keep the inside of the kiln +/- 25 F which is ok for most carbon steels. if you are only working with carbon steel, the most basic controller should do.
I also have a Lindberg 51442 lab furnace which will maintain +/- 5 F. I got mine on sale for $99.99. normal list is $5900.