PGK Combat


Happy Veterans Day to all and thank you for your service, all you veterans, who have given us so much.

Finished this today- it's design is from my Hometown Hero build design submission that admittedly is too big for practical field use but could be of use is certain situations. This is first use of some PGK steel I have on hand, and is in composition close to D2 but with twice the M and V, so I now have a new pile of destroyed belts in the middle of my garage because of this knife. It is the hardest to get a finish on I have ever worked with and the remaining blanks I have of it will gather dust for while. It is 14" oa PGK 62RC LN2 cryo treated 7" sharp tanto, 1/4" thick, SS Loveless bolts and tube, and some salvaged industrial micarta scales with a Kydex sheath. Any comments welcome and thanks for lookin'!




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It looks GREAT!!!
I love the beadblast finnish.
And the finger groves I can't get enough.
How do you do the thumb groves and make them so uniform?
Thanks Mobl! The thumb grooves are put in with a checkering or "jimping" file, I think mine is about a 20 line-per-inch Grobet. This was my first attempt at a round surface...
Thanks Laurence- yes the dip also allows an easier transition to polish from spine to thumb ramp too....
Thanks Randy and Mark - the design was "fun" on this as started with a profiled sword-like blank of about 20" and redesigned everything forward of ricasso but kept the handle profile....the die grinder got a work out....
I like it. Nice design and interesting finish. I'd really like to know how you did your lanyard wrap. I've been trying to figure that one out for quite some time now.