PL Heartwood in black ash burl


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$330 - Heartwood 425:
With this model I combined the things I liked about a woodlore and a kephart, hence the name. One of my early designs. Dates back to 2016.
Scandi grind, matt flats. Stabilized and dyed black ash burl over black G10. Stainless loveless bolts, mosaic pin and mosaic tube.
4 1/4" blade | 9 1/4" overall | 1/8" 80CrV2 | 4 - 4.5/5 handle thickness
Includes JRE sheath ( $295 w/o sheath)

Kydex and hand made leather sheath options are also available.

I began making PL knives in 2016. I've done leather work for over 20. I added kydex to my repertoire in the last 3 years. The heat treat on all of my carbon steel knives is done by me in a thermostatically controlled Evenheat knifemaking kiln. Each blade goes through a 3 stage normalization process, followed by heating to austenitic temperature and quench in Parks 50 oil. Then it goes through a 2 stage tempering process. Hardness is 61-62 hrc. Scales are glued with West Systems G-flex epoxy. My aim is to produce heirloom quality tools with excellent craftsmanship that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and service.

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