Please help identifi weather these knives are knockoffs or not?


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I am a newbie at collecting knives and bayonets so any advice or information you all may have would be very helpful.
I recently purchased these 2 knives in searching some information online there seems to be a lot of disagreement on what they are and what they were used for example is the first knife in the photos some information I found was, it is an early fighting knife first issued at the start of the 2nd world war then quickly replaced with the U.S. Mark3. others say It is a boy scout knife I can see that these knives had a life before the war but then quickly were put into production at the start of the war. the leather scabbard is one of 2 types first used U.S.N. stamped on the throat was issued by Siegal only for a short time the leather scabbard was phased out in the last part of 1943
The other knife some sites have it as a reproduction knife, then some sites say it is a true ww2 fighting knife. Which is true? Seems the stamp Japan is confusing some people and think it is a reproduction since it is made in japan


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The first knife looks like an original ww2 mk1 Knife. The second knife was a PX Purchase in the 70’s sometimes used by military personal as a private purchase knife.