Quick question.

Kevin Zito

It's best to just stay with Homer's.
It used to be... no doubt. However, Homer’s has been using a special agent on the inside. So any and all tampering has a very finite “shelf-life.” I’ve heard rumors that this is an intentional move on the part of Homer. I’ve heard that he wants to create a little panic and fear in the industry, get people to renegotiate their contracts, and then step in and save the day... the replacement agent has been ready and in place for years. At any rate, I’ve decided to not do business with those guys. They are great for “industrial applications”, but for a small nobody hobbyist like me, I still think Ric’s is my best bet. If I’m having trouble “fitting scales” in my lil knife shop, I’ll call Ric’s, flirt with Gina on the phone for a minute or two lol, and easy peasy lemon squeezy everything tampered and “fitting” perfectly. ABSOLUTELY no daylight. I give them my highest recommendation, and I’m glad to hear that they’re still rolling. I’m glad @J. Doyle cleared that up for us. I do not like to spread misinformation.

Jesse Latham

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Kevin, be very very careful! If y deal with Gina she will damage your "lemon squeezie". I don't blame you for not doing business with Homer. His focus these days is burgers. Obviously this is no way to attract a person of your stature.