Ranger wedding knives

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  1. Stormcrow

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    Not that they were necessarily used in the wedding. They might have been; he didn't say. :D

    But he did give me permission to mention his profession. These two knives were commissioned by a return customer in the Army Rangers, one for himself and one for his best man, also a Ranger.

    He wanted a matching set of double-edged Benghazi Warfighters. I forged them from 80CrV2 steel, with black TeroTuf handle slabs and flared stainless steel tube rivets.



    Prior to giving them their black oxide finish, I took them down the road to a laser engraver. The opposite sides had a unit insignia and personal identifiers etched in, and this side has these lines of verse:

    "The wolves will learn
    What we've shown before
    We love our sheep
    We dogs of war"


    He picked out this pattern of camo Kydex, and I set the sheaths up with Combat Loops for belt carry.


    Upon receiving them, he told me that he "couldn't be more pleased". That's always what a maker likes to hear. :)
  2. wall e

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    Beautiful work, could not be for a better customer. Got me right in the feels.
  3. Stormcrow

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    Thanks, Walt! :)
  4. Von Gruff

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    A pity that the photobucket outrage has deleted the pics as some (like me) hadn't seen them

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