Sad sword story


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This sword belongs to a friend of mine he bought it at a yard sale, has had it for some time, has had it looked at by a sword person, made before WW 1 and had new furniture in WW 2 has writing on both sides under the handle. Some genies put his drivers license number on the blade, so we decided being the genies that I am could not make it any worse than it was, got the numbers off, think it was some what successful it blended well, cleaned the whole blade with simichrome think only an expert sword person may see it, some times i think the human race is over rated. Deane


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Engraving your license number on the blade of a nice japanese sword, fair dinkum some people are just oxygen thieves that should have been nuetered at birth. I'll bet if asked why his response would be " go 'way 'batin!!, but uuuhh I like money"
Sword still has some good meat left on it ... I would have the signature translated . Ya never Know ????? Bubba
Bubba can you read the signatures? I have come by a katana that is signed, have no idea what I am looking at , have pictures. Thanks Deane
IMG_0364.jpgIMG_0365.jpgIMG_0366.jpgIMG_0367.jpgIMG_0368.jpgIMG_0369.jpgIMG_0370.jpgIMG_0371.jpg Here are some pictures I hope they are good enough to read and I do appreciate you looking at it and thank you. Deane