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that's priceless! my chainsaw drowned out the little voice a few years ago. I was trying to top a big birch tree in my yard, the limb was probably 15" around and still green, when i cut through she spun on the base and came straight down, hit my thigh and about knocked me out of the tree, I was about 30 feet off the ground, I was afraid to look and sure I had lost my leg, luckily I was wearing my Ariat boots and the boot slipped allowing my leg to shift out of the way. I am sure that limb would have broke my femur if it hadn't kicked my leg out of the way, I didnt walk right for a couple of weeks and had one heck of a raspberry and a bruise but thats it


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Ok, so here's another eye opening, entertaining story.....
I was at a local watering hole one day after work for a couple cold ones back when I was around 25.
I guy I knew came in { this fellow was usually always drunk } he was sporting a bandage on the bridge of his nose and his eye glasses were taped together.

So I asked him what happened...............later one of his friends told me he was there when this happened, so it's true.

He was trimming his hedges with a chainsaw and there was a chainlink fence in the hedges, the saw hit the fence and kicked back, cutting his glasses in half and putting a small scratch on his nose.

If anyone can top that 'safety out the window' story please tell me. o_O

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All right I will take a shot at this. This is no sh!7 !!

First story I had a kid that worked for doing construction. First let me set up this scenario I worked for an old alcoholic who owned a construction company. Ended up all he did was write the checks and line up the jobs. I became his foreman. He would hire guys who would tell him they could fly and swing a hammer at the same time, and then when they couldn't he didn't want to fire them. So finally told him if I was going to fire them he had to let me do the hiring. We were building about 200+ prefab houses a year. You had to move fast and had to want a job to stay there, and the wiry ones usually lasted better than the big corn fed boys.

I had hired a kid and he was one of these I am all about being the resident bad a$$. He was into Karate and had just made his black belt. He also liked to ride dirt bikes and so he got hung with the name of Kawasaki!
So this kid goes off at lunch one day with another. Now we only got 30 minutes and somehow I have the feeling they may have been doing something besides lunch!! Those glassy eyes were a dead give away!!

All of the sudden I hear a car turn into the subdivision were working in and it sounded like it had made the turn on two wheels. Funny part about it there was another car nearly glued to the back bumper! Both cars come sliding to a stop and this guy without a t-shirt, looking like he was the incredible hulk steps out of the second car. And oh I forgot to mention, he had a pick-ax handle in his hand!!! Now my guys in the first car had not exited from their vehicle yet and they were being real busy, rolling up windows and locking doors.

The guy with the pick ax handle in his hand is screaming come on you two SOB's get out of the car. Did I fail to mention he supposedly had cut off the car with my guys in it and of course they showed their IQ by shooting him the finger. Well being a gentleman I extended lunch for a few minutes so we would not miss any of the details!!!
The pick ax guy is like a caged animal screaming at the top of his lungs, come on you two SOB's get out of the car. He goes to one door and it is locked, goes to the other door and it appears to be locked as well! He now screams out, F me will you, come on get out of that car and I will F you! Then to accentuate exactly how he felt about this he slammed the pick ax handle on the hood of the car!!! It left a dent in the hood almost as long as the pickax handle itself!! Finally he decides he is not going to get his shot at these two and confident he had made his point he goes back and gets in his vehicle again, and drives off!

So now Kawasaki and the driver get out of there car. They slowly walk over to where all of us have been watching this incident transpire! Kawasaki I said, I thought you said you were a black belt, why didn't you get out of the car and let him know who was boss..................!! I didn't want to hurt him he says!!:eek:

So now I have laid the ground work for the rest of this story!! The owner of the company was also a skin flint and if a tool was still running he did not want to put a dime in it! I was a working foreman and usually broke my crew into 3-4 smaller crews and always put a man that had the get up and go as the man in charge of that group and along with working I went by every so often to make sure the small groups were doing what they were supposed to do!

Well ole Kawasaki was in charge of one group. Now in the winter we get some pretty cold days here in NW Florida and it always seems when we do the wind is blowing as well!
So one cold winter day, Kawasaki is using his, being in charge to take advantage of (rank has privileges). When those prefab panels came in they were heavy. We would get two men to hold up the wall and another drill holes for the j bolts would go thru on the slab. The j-bolts would eventually hold the panel to the slab.

We had at the time one of those old B&D drills with the low speed and high torque. Something had hit the lock button while in the tool box and broke the outside of the button off. However if you turned the drill upside down while using, once the trigger was pushed. The lock would still work and once engaged it was hard to get it too release!! Remember I told you the boss was a skin flint!!

Anyway I had walked by earlier and got on to Kawasaki about running the drill in the locked position! Oh no problem I am tuff, he says. I told him it that spade bit gets a hold of you, well you ain't gonna be that tough!! Came back by a few minutes later and see him doing the same thing, running the drill in the locked on position. Before I could get on him he drops the drill, (those old B*D drills were heavy as well) down by his side.

I saw the bit grab those insulated coveralls he had on that winter day. The bit was wrapping up the material, so I reached and grabbed the plug and the extension cord and pulled it apart to stop the drill. Well those old drills are like a train, they can't be stopped right away!

He has now let go of the drill and it is flopping and beating on him as it rolls the leg of the coveralls tighter and tighter. In the blink of an eyes he is on the slab balling like a little baby! I knew it would take time unwind all that cloth and so I reached and cut his coveralls.

By the time finally got him free, he had regained his composure and had quit crying. He peeled off the coveralls and even the blue jeans underneath show the wear and tear of the bit! He pulled up his pant leg and his thigh is already black and blue in an area as big as a basketball. The meat had started to rip as well!!

Three things happened that day. Kawasaki lost his bigger than life persona, (something about lying on the concrete in a fetal position crying like a baby, just destroyed the macho) and coupled with the pick ax handle incident, he just did not seem to be bigger than life anymore!! That was the first thing! The second thing, I never had tell him about running that drill in the locked position again!! The third thing the skinflint actually took the drill in and hand a new switch and cord put on it. When I pulled the two cords apart I actually ripped the plug off of the drill cord, instead of it unplugging!!

So do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a true story??

A fairy tale begins, once upon a time and the true redneck story begins, this is no sh!7!!
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Not bad but, I had two issues. One was in keeping it immobilized. The splint got in the way and so............I done away with it. Well about the next day, I got busy doing something in the shop the other day and without the splint! I pick up something heavy and I feel a tremendous pain in the finger.
That is were the second issue came into play. Using antibiotic suave. It softened the superglue and the heavy lift reopened the cut. However it is doing real good. It is healed underneath and no redness or pain. So now I re-glue just to keep in clean and healing. I have too much to do to sit around and baby this cut!!:)