Seabiscuit Knife set! One of a kind!!

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An amazing story and what a great 2003 movie.

Was this story about a horse or was it about individuals and relationships? What do you think?

Were you a Seabiscuit fan and how many times did you see this great movie?

I was a Seabiscuit fan and I've watched this movie at least a dozen times over the years.

Red Pollard, featured in the movie, had a son besides a wonderful daughter.

John Pollard, the late son of Red Pollard, was a talented individual. No, he didn't ride horses, not at all. He actually was a knife designer and craftsman; he made his own knives. John actually made his knife blades from scratch using raw stock, cutting the outlines and shaping the blades by hand. A talented gift and difficult to do. Absolutely.

The 2003 Seabiscuit movie gave me a fantastic idea, so I asked John at that time, yes, John and I were good friends, if he would collaborate with me to produce a Seabiscuit knife set. John said he liked the idea and we started work immediately.

So John designed the blades and I got busy designing the knife handles.

I wanted the handles to be special, after all the set was to be the world's only Seabiscuit knife set. So obviously, I incorporated actual horse busts into the handles' design.

Some failed attempts, but I finally came up with two fine subjects, two different but similar horse busts. When I modeled what I liked, I had the horse head sculptures cast. Perfect!

The results of the late John Pollard's efforts can be seen in this prestigious one of a kind Seabiscuit knife set.

To the late John Pollard I say, "Thank you, John, you are still in my thoughts and without you this could not have been possible." "Working with you was a most enjoyable time, never to be forgotten."

Interesting how a movie, named after a horse, can bring people together and together what they can accomplish when they set their minds and talents to it.

One last thing.

Don't let this price fool you, the set is worth much more. Leaving out talent plus ability, just think about the hours it took to produce this fine Seabiscuit Knife Set.

Never too late to see a great movie.

Buy the knife set and we can set up a monthly payment arrangement. Reasonable offers considered.



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