Seal Brass Bolsters


I have put on my 2nd set of brass bolsters and the problem of weight is turning people off. The main thing is the
dull look after a week, is there a sealer you can put on brass to to keep tarnish away?
a clear lacquer would work or polyurethane, but both will scratch and eventually come off. i guess you could include a can of never dull with your knives
I don't use brass for anything on a knife anymore and haven't for years, for the reasons you listed. I use 416 stainless these days.
Thanks, I worked with 416 on a kit blade and that is hard stuff, looks like I better learn to get along with it. Thanks David.
I use both brass and 416 stainless. I have found that there is nothing you can do to keep the brass bright on a user knife. I still like it. It looks more correct on some knives dull or not. A quick rub with car wax will bring dull brass back to the light in a hurry.