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  • Hey Calvin!
    You mentioned being able to get me some VIP passes for the ICCE show? If that offer is still there I would love to have two if you could spare them! I'm not absolutely positive I can go but there is a good chance. So if you still have some I would love them!

    Either way thank you for the offer!

    Daniel Rohde

    PS. Your inbox is full so I wasn't able to PM you.
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    I didn't receive any notification from USPS,UPS,or Fedx. If you will tell me which one of these services you used I will check with them on my end.

    Apparently when my wife sent it she said you had to sign for it. It says they left a ticket for you to pick it up.
    Calvin it should show up today. If you could get it treated and sent out by tommorow it would be great but I know you are doing this as a favor so I dont want you to feel rushed.
    Hello Calvin hope you are doing just fine like I am how are your knives coming along? I saw a picture of your horizontal grinder that you built and it looks really nice. Did you have any trouble making it track? Look at my new grinder that I have for sale. Bill and Rusty have both seen it in person and they both really liked it.Rusty has a very small shop and said that if he could make the room for it he would get one. Look at my thread on the for sale supplies
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