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  • i just recently heard of your work, i think it was through one of joe paranee's youtube videos. anyhow your style is excellent! love your work and congrats on your JS test!
    I got it done just in time to rush to the post office and get it express mailed back to you today. They said you should get it Friday,you'll have to sign for it. I didn't test it for hardness because I didn't want dimples on some part of the knife that might be left exposed. If you test it I would like to know what Rc number you get.
    The postage was $21.30 for express mail,there were seven one dollar bills in the box when I opend it so please send $14.30 to reimburse me for remainder of my cost.

    Warmest regards,
    We'd. Morning 8:45 am,I have the knife in my possession. I will treat according to the instructions in a private message on knife dogs.wrap in foil place in oven ramp at full speed to 1950 soak for one hour quench between plates temper twice at 400'since you didn't give a time for the two quenches I'll do them 2 hours each.
    I will mail the knife back to you express mail,the same way you mailed it to me.
    There were 7 one dollar bills in the box with the knife,I'm not sure what that was for since the postage will be almost 22.00 if I mail it back the same way you mailed it to me. Please let me know if you have any questions or further request.

    Well, I just went out on the front porch to get my newspaper and the notification about your package was lying on the porch,they left it there yesterday,I don't know why they put it there instead of in the mailbox with the rest of the mail. I will go to Pace this morning and pick up the knife and get right to work on it.
    It's 5:30 Tuesday evening here,the mail ran a couple of hours ago and your knife was not deliverd.. Did you send it US mail ?
    Whenever I get it I will heat treat it asap and send it back to you however you want me to. I will notify you when I get it.

    Well it's Tuesday morning the 8th of May,I haven't received your knife yet. You originally stated that you needed it back by the 10th of May. I'll heat treat is as soon as I get it and overnight it back to you if you need me to. Let me know.

    Love your knife work and glad to see more Vets making knives for hard use. Now if only I could find or make a dedicated combat engineer knife :) My Mother in Law lives in Wilkesboro, you give lessons? I know enough to forge a little and make a knife of my own, but nothing else haha besides P=Plenty.

    Christopher A. Ford
    I need your address to send you the Les George pass around knife for you to look at.

    Thanks, Art Summers
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