Sinuous bush sword and sheath finished up


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I had built this sword toward the end of summer to have on my table at the Gathering, with the intent of it going to my best friend (who has been waiting a very long time for a bush sword from me) if it didn't sell at the show. Although it got picked up a lot at the show, no one walked home with it, so I built a sheath to go with it, sharpened the top edge, and delivered it to my buddy.

Here it was post-heat treatment:

Ready for the show, top edge not yet sharpened.

And then, when I got to hand it to my buddy and get some final pics, it was, as usual, at the end of us working a long day on my family's farm, and lighting was less-than-ideal to capture it.

The sheath is molded nicely to the blade, though you sure can't tell that in this picture.

And my buddy, in appropriately dramatic pose with his new blade. He's quite happy with it. :)

Blade is approximately 16", steel is 5160, handle is an integral socket with marine-epoxy-impregnated paracord.
Several people have asked me about how the blunt-ended chopper ended up. It got black paracord for its wrap.