Sinuous bush sword: donation piece


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Back in January, while visiting the ABS Expo here in San Antonio, I met Doug Ritter of Knife Rights is essentially the NRA of the bladed world. He asked if I'd be willing to donate a blade for their auction they hold to fund the legal battle defending the second amendment as it pertains to knives, and I agreed.

I forged out this sinuous bush sword from 5160. It has an integral socket handle, a recurved blade, and a raised false edge that is thin enough it could easily have a secondary bevel added and become double-edged.

Added some paracord impregnated in Minwax Wood Hardener and sharpened it:

Then I handed it over to Luke Swenson ( who built a multiple carry option sheath rig for it and donated that to the cause. The inside of the baldric has an ostrich print inlay.

And then I did a wee bit of test cutting to show it's a working tool:


I delivered it this past weekend to the booth at the Lone Star Knife Expo, along with my buddy Tobin Nieto's entry. You can see all of the donated work here: They're all getting auctioned at the end of July.