sno seal

Mike k

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Hi a couple weeks a go I read a post about a Cattaraugus 225Q. It was mentioned that Sno Seal is good for reconditioning leather grips. I would like to learn more abut it but I can't find the original thread Zemapeli wrote the post I am referring to. can somebody help thanks Mike
sno seal is commonly sold (at least around here) for conditioning leather boots. it is a rub on product that should work very well for leather handles.
Obenaufs lp is a good non colored leather sealant and reconditioner but it may be a little slick?
Snoseal is commonly sold in Backpacking stores. It is primarily for water proofing boots for hiking in wet and snow conditions. I put it on my suede boots and they became smooth leather. I would apply it thickly, then heat it for it to soak in then reapply. After reaching a saturation point I never had to re-treat them.