So, when can you actually call yourself a Knifemaker?

Jim Adams Customs

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I would not want a dealer to sell my knives, they are salesman not knifemakers really they would know very little about what it takes to make a knife.

Whew, A.G. Russell is good example of Purveyor that know what it takes to make a knife. He has spent his life around great knives and great knifemakers. Knife Purveyors have to know about knives, methods, material and people who buy knives. Knives are their passion. They know knives better that most makers do. They are our super customers.
Purveyors are not the bad guys. They help us do what we want, that is make knives. If they charge me 25% to do it. I see that as a bargain. It is not cheap to sell knives. Your average show will cost you 400.00 plus after Hotel, Food and gas. Let not forget the two day you are stuck behind a table, and I love to sell. But a show can take it toll. Last Gun show I did, was the first really beautiful weekend we had. I would have spent the weekend out playing.
Like many Custom makers I am glad to have my knives being sold by Purveyors.