Stone WIP


Stone handles have been an interest of mine for a while. I decided to get started building experience with a few inexpensive diamond abrasives. For materials I'm using rocks that I find so again - not a huge investment on it. I'd recommend buying slabs if you're interested in trying. It saves a lot of time and takes out a lot of guesswork. Where I live it's easier for me to make my own than to buy them. I can find reasonably nice material to work with just to build experience.

Some shots of something new I found this year on the river.
outer shell:
I'm having a hard time nailing down what this is but it seems to be the calcedony family - jasper, agate, chert...idk what it really is.
What I caught my eye was the semi-gloss and semi-transparent surface. It looked like something that might polish up.

Here's the inside:
Definitely some nice brown, grey, and blue. The next post will show how I got to this point with raw material.
I don't own a slabbing saw but would like to buy or make one at some point. It'd be nice to make a setting for our wood stove,too, so there'd be more reason to do it besides knives.

I did these slabs with a 4 1/2" angle grinder with diamond cut off wheels and cup wheels to get close to flat.

You can use water or stone cutting oil which isn't as hard on your tools. I'm using water and it has already cost me one angle grinder. I'm pretty sure I got slurry in the motor. I haven't tried protecting the motor but will next time. Not only to protect the tool, but also from electric shock.


Next thing I did was lap them. I used a couple aggressive diamond laps for sharpening stones.

Slow progress on the first lap. Again, I'm using water. The grooves catch the water and help create a slurry that you can continue to use.
I think I remember hearing that the slurry helps cut.
I hit them with another lapping stone just to get more of an idea how they'll polish out. When I actually make the knife, I'll cut away what I don't need so I won't have as much surface area to flatten. But for now, this gives me a look at the colors and any fractures I want to cut away.
The final product for now. I'm hoping for a pair of scales, a "block" for a hidden tang, a dressing stone, and a display mount not showing - all matching.

Just want to comment on this last piece. I'm not sure if this line is a weak point. But since I've been learning about stone, it seems one desirable feature can be landscapes that come out in the banding when you cut a slab. I learned about these in souvenier shops in WY and NE (?) with the red sandstone(?). "Ocean picture stone" is pretty nice too. Anyway, it'd be nice to incorporate that into knives somehow, but if they are going to crack, then these harder stones could be set in epoxy to be used as natural dressing stones.

I like this one because it's got a dark shadow over the mountain. But honestly it doesn't have full landscape appeal in my opinion.
jasper with mountains.jpg
My computer isn't showing if the last picture loaded. Ignore the title, I don't know if it's jasper

jasper with mountains.jpg

I haven't decided on a knife type yet. Something with a hamon.
That's awesome! Wonder if you've seen Kyle Royer's latest knife with a stone handle? Some ideas in it could help you

Wonder if you've seen Kyle Royer's latest knife with a stone handle? Some ideas in it could help you
Yep, that is a good video. I subscribed to his channel awhile back and was excited when this video came out. I've only come up with a few knife related threads online so this was pretty fun to watch. I think he did right to go to a show and buy what he wanted. That way he can say what it is. Lots of help in the comments, too.