Straps instead of pouch

Meridian Blades

Moderator - Knife Maker
I did this sheath style with a big wide strap, instead of a pouch style because the guy I gave the knife to feels the strap makes the knife more secure in the sheath. Seems kind of old school and less protective cuz now the handle is more exposed, but maybe the knife itself is more secure.

What do you think ??? Is there a hybrid pouch style with a strap ???

It looks well done! The strap is very wide indeed. :)

A type of "hybrid" sheath would be like the one that Mr Pearce had made. The front raises up to protect the handle while the strap secures the knife.

As far as strapped sheaths being old school, I don't know, All sheaths are pretty old school as theres not much new out there. I do more "sandwich" style sheaths than pouch.

I think its more personal taste, or its what sheath best fits the style of knife.