Stupid things I have done with a knife

C Craft

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So I was reading a story on another site and it made me decide to share this story. When I was in the service we were at the armory on base to pick up a bunch of explosives for a demonstration on the demo range!! Well it turned out that some of the paper work was not quite right so while we waited on the two sergeants the was to do the demo and the armory head dog work out the paper work, we had time to kill!

Back then pretty much anyone that wanted to was allowed to carry a knife. My favorite was a Buck 110 and I kept it sharp. A fellow troop had what looked like a huge Old timer, it was about 4" when folded, so not sure what kind of knife it was. Anyway in an effort to pass time I had been whittling on a stick.

Some one comes up with a game of lagging. Instead of throwing/pitching coins to see who could get the closes it was throw the knife at a line on a tree. It must stick and whoever gets closet to the line, is the winner.

After a bit that was getting boring and one guy, the one with the big folder says who is up for a game of Missouri chicken. He was from Missouri! He explains that we stand face to face and we start with our feet shoulder width apart, and throw your knife between the others feet! You must move one of your feet to the blade before you can pull the blade out of the ground. The idea is to split the distance between the others feet. If you do that every time you can close the feet fairly quick!! If you feel you don't want to take the chance of the other guy throwing the knife and sticking you, well you are the chicken!!

So the other guy had me down to where my feet were about 4" apart. I had him down to where his feet were about 1 1/2" apart. Well I figured we were about to see who the chicken was. He made his throw and it sticks through my boot and in the top of my big toe! It just kind of stops and sits there vibrating.

He goes it must be just in the leather. I grinned at him and said nope it is stuck in the top of my big toe down to the bone!! So I looks over at him and laughed you know I got one more throw, unless you want to chicken. He goes, Nope go ahead and throw. I split that 1 1/2" space and he hollers chicken!

There I stood proud I had not chickened and then I decided I might want to pull his knife out of my toe and check it! There is not much meat on top of your big toe before you get the bone. It took forever for that thing to heal and quit hurting.

But I never let on cause I won. Yep I was that stupid!! So lets hear your stupid story!! :p

Daniel Macina

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Not really extreme but about a year ago I was opening one of those blister packs of batteries with a very sharp leatherman and didn’t pay close enough attention to where my finger was and when that blade went through the plastic it just about took the top of my finger off hit the bone is the only reason it didn’t cut the tip of my finger off. super glued that puppy up and went on with my day. Hurt like a son of a gun for about two weeks though.
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C. Killgore

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A few months ago I had just sharpened a hatchet and went outside to do some chopping with it to test the edge. I was not being very careful and within the first 3 chops, I had swung down towards my feet... the hatchet skipped off a log and bumped into my ankle. I thought to myself "that was a close one". I looked down and noticed that my pants had a clean cut through the bottom. Pulled the pants up and realized I had cut pretty deep near my ankle. Took a quick trip to urgent care for some stitches.

Took a while for it to heal. And it scarred up real bad. Every time I put a boot on if the tongue is in the wrong place I feel the scar tissue going back and forth over my ankle. I really don't like that feeling :confused:

I also dropped one of my new damascus knives in the kitchen (with tile floors). Out of habit my arm came up to try and capture the knife. It lodged between my wrist and my chest. The tip had stuck pretty good into my wrist. That scar is a constant reminder to be careful when handling my knives :p
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I had a '74' F100 pick up, I locked the keys in it one day and was trying to jimmy the vent window "for those of us that remember those"... with a large Shrade lockback folder, being that I just sharpened it to a razor I was using the spine to lift the vent lever so as not to mess up that fine edge. out of nowhere the lock bar actually broke sending the blade straight to the bone on my index finger, with quite a bit of force too! man that was bad! luckily I didn't cut any tendons.
I sent that knife back to Shrade....the real Shrade....made in America Shrade...and they replaced the lock bar for me and I still have that knife today, that was about 30 years ago. now that I'm thinking about it....damn that hurt!

C Craft

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Steve I have been right there. Parked my 72 ford pickup on morning. It was foggy as all get out. Grabbed my rifle and decided to scrub an acre of waist high Bahiagrass that backed up to an area of all Oak trees along a little stream. Back then when they clear cut they left all the Oaks. So it took me a good 1 1/2 hours to finish the scrub. Hoping to jump up a deer but, hadn't seen a deer. The fog was so heavy that after walking thru that waist high Bahiagrass, I was soaked to the bone! The wind began to pick up as I came back out on the hill, and I was getting a chill!! I walked up to my truck and slapped my pocket and no keys. I looked in the truck and sure enough they are in the ignition.

I had pulled up on this hill and set a moment before I decided to make the scrub, and l left the key in the ignition. So I am miles from any human contact. I though about putting the butt of my rifle thru the window. decided that could get expensive! Then I remembered the wing window. Remember those had a lock on them. Luckily I had closed the wing but did not push the lock down far enough for it too engage the lock!!

So Steve, my story ends better the knife saved me from breaking out a window and I didn't get hurt!! But it was still stupid to have locked myself out! It was the plan I was formulating in my head that made me be stupid about the keys. The knife was the savor in this story!!


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My brother was home on leave, I was 14, we decided to play chicken. Our chicken was to see who would move the targeted foot before the knife hit. I won with a clip point sticking out of my shoe. Thought it just stuck in the shoe until I pulled it out and blood started pouring out the top.
At the emergency room the doctor walks in, looks at my foot and says, "what did you get for winning?" I says, "a trip here." My dad speaks up and says, "naw, this isn't the reward, but that's coming."
I thought we were the only stupid ones playing chicken, that particular gene seems to be more prevalent than I thought!