Alright, I LOVE swords.

Most of my collection is windlass swords, familiar with those?

I have their pratical katana, Ranger sword, and I had their sticklestad viking sword and classic medieval sword (both sold on sbg sword forums).

Anyway, i was just seeing if there are any fellow sword lovers and what you like to collect in particular. I am a fan of western swords, also fantasy, but FUNCTIONAL above all else.

I just learned that kult of athena (kultofathena.com), is actually only a few hours from me. So I am gonna check that out soon, they have like billions of swords in stock, actually ordered my sticklestaad from there last december.

Anyway, me and my fiance have a good time takign swords into the woods and hacking off tree limbs or chopping those weird ball things that grow in the woods in two. Good clean fun!