thread/needle size?


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Hello ya'll, I got one of those cheap manual Chinese walking foot sewing machines. I'm pretty impressed with how well it works. A big question I have is what size thread to use? I've been using a fairly large waxed thread and artificial sinew for hand sewing. I expect the wax on the thread would give problems. I've been playing with #69 thread and a 110/19 universal needle. This combo sews really good, even did 3 layers of about 11 oz leather (3 layers is 7/16" thick).

I loaded the bobbin with #207 thread with #69 thread in needle and it actually sewed pretty good thru 3 layers of 8 oz veggie tanned leather. That #207 thread is waaaay too large for the #110/19 eye. This size thread does look like it would look pretty good on a sheath. OR - is a smaller size actually better?

What needle and thread combo do ya'll use for sewing 7 to 8 oz leather sheaths?

Thank ya'll for any guidance and suggestions.

Ken H>