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The Texas Knifemakers' Guild is a brand new organization. We've had a functioning facebook group since last September, but did not have a board of directors or bylaws, etc. until January of 2015.

As a work in progress, a committee has been set up to determine the various levels of membership, their dues, and the requirements and benefits for each level.

As such, we are not taking dues at this time. The membership committee will make information available here and through the Texas Knifemakers' Guild facebook page as soon as the decisions are made regarding membership levels.

The mission statement of the group is:
To perpetuate the art of knifemaking; to promote, expand and encourage an interest in knives and blades, to provide an educational forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques and innovations; to promote displays of individual works and collections; and to promote fellowship among individuals with an interest in knifemaking with integrity and high standards of workmanship.
I signed up for info but never heard anything. I'm interested in getting involved in the Houston area for sure.

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If anybody needs the application, it's available in two places. One, it is hosted as one of the files in the TKG Facebook group. Two, send me an email, frycustomknives at gmail dot com and I will email it to you.