C Craft

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I have a tooth that needs to be pulled. Got to find a dentist in the morning!! Haven't had a bad one in a while!!! I turned the treatment over to Captain Morgan but he's not doing to good at the moment!
You know Cliff, back in the day the local blacksmith was the dentist :D
If I was living up there now you could come over my place, I'd yank it for you.
maybe do a little whale scrimshaw scene on it afterwards.....

Just kidding, hope you find a good dentist that gets it out in one too.

Sean Jones

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I've had really bad tooth aches that have turned out to be sinus infections. Not saying yours isn't a tooth problem, but a sinus infection can mimic a tooth ache very well. In fact it was my dentist that diagnosed my last serious sinus infection. Hurt like hell.

C Craft

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Sad but can't find a dentist to take me this morning. Best I have been able to do is tomorrow at 9:00 AM! You know the big problem with my teeth is they have never been good! One dentist said it may be a antibiotic that they gave pregnant women in the 50's that destroy the unborn babies teeth.
That is indeed possible, but modern diet is to blame on a large scale a dentist called Weaton A Price did research to find the best diets for the british governnet, he tracked the degradation in teeth and fasciimaxillary structure in societies and basically found that within a single generation the transition from a traditional diet to a grain and refined carbohydrate diet completely altered the facial structure and dental health within families and in towns that were previously untouched by modern foods. In that book we found the information to reverse tooth decay in my eldest, and since we ate that way my youngest hadnever developed tooth decay like his older brother, and we reversed alot of thetooth decay in my wife, i am one of the lucky ones who have genetcally strong teeth
Good luck with the pain. A whole clove bud on the tooth is quite strong anti pain, does nothing for the tooth though you still need to go get it pulled... my dad felt so much better he didnt go, and it became a large abcess
You better be hoping it just comes out and that it isn't some sort of infection Cliff.
I don' know which is worse, a tooth ache or an ear ache, I guess which ever one you have at the time.

I go to an ear doctor every 6 months to get what looks like wax musket balls pulled out of my ears...he say's it's actually common and I'm just one of 'those' people. one time there, a grown man came in there holding one of his ears and screaming in, I don't know what that was all about but it scared the bejeesus out of me. they took him right in and you could hear him in the back screaming in pain. I'll bet he would have traded THAT for a toothache.....I don't know.

C Craft

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Wow, I was laying out and recouping last night. See when you don't have dental insurance and your money needs to go to eats and meds. Well the teeth fall behind the way!!

I told the dentist before they ever looked in my mouth. I am gonna tell my teeth are in a sorry state of affair's! Turns out I had three bad teeth together. I had one that I knew was bad and was a prime candidate for the offender. However I had two behind the one that broken off and were down to the gum. One of them I had virtually forgotten about.

You see my mother was one of the mothers that took Tetracycline and it not only made discolorations of the un-born babies teeth. It caused them to not have the kind of enamel that teeth normally has. I had my first tooth pulled at 14 yrs. of age. It didn't really matter how well I took care of my teeth I have been at a dentist most of my life!!

Anyway, the dentist quoted me a price of $725.00 for x-rays, and exam and the pulling of three teeth. I told her there was no way I could afford that to pick the one she thought was causing the pain and I will have to live with the other two for a while longer!! When the dentist finally walked back in the room. She says if it is all right by you I will pull those other two teeth no charge. I told her I thought she was and angel and you pull away. She pulled all three and the exam, x-rays for $425.00. She called today to check on me and I once again thanked her for helping me out!!

That one just about brought me to the point of saying wait a minute, I will pay for another shot of novacaine. She told me I think that one hurt, I said yep just a bit but how did you know that. She smiles and says, that tear in your eye. I just told her, you know John Wayne once said, if your gonna be stupid you got to be tough!!
That’s a rough story. Waiting for relief while in pain makes each minute seem like an hour. Good you had it taken care of by some compassionate professionals. If I could have my money back from the dentist over the last three or four years I believe I could buy two high end grinders. :oops:
I'm glad it worked out for you Cliff and it sounds like they did you a deal. it's nice to get a good deal once in a while.
A few years back I went to get glasses and the optometrist found out I made knives, we did an even trade on a $350.00 pair of bifocals. that was one of the few barters I didn't feel like I got the short end.

I'm going to have dental problems in the future though. last time I went to a dentist she said I was one of the worst teeth grinders she ever saw and I'm going to need caps one day.
another time about 15 years ago something was cutting into the side of my tongue, I thought it was a wisdom tooth coming through, they took x rays and they said they never saw anything like it before. it was a bone spur from my jaw, it didn't have anything to do with my teeth. they just took their air dremel and ground it down, never bothered me again.