variable speed drill press


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I have this need to make my drill press variable speed easer than doing pully changes. I have an old (1943) Walker Turner dp it is a bench top but by all means is no small machine. I have the low speed set up but it is real pain to swap belt positions. I was looking around at router speed controllers it seems like the perfect solution to get the low speeds I need easily. HD one seems to be perfect for what I have 2hp 115v motor on the DP. I am constrained on funds severely ( no job for 2 years now) so in the short term this seems to be doable.

thoughts ???
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Reading the description on the web page Say's it will not work with capacitor start AC motors which is probably what you have on your drill press.
Find a treadmill at a yard sale or flea market or such and use the motor and controller out of it. I have one on one of my drill presses, one of my 1X42 belt sanders and my old Delta band saw. They are great and usually cheap....

The "not cheap" way to do it is to buy a VFD from me ($355, including shipping) and a 3 phase motor from me ($200.32, including shipping). One guy that I was talking to at Quad State had a mill, lathe, and belt grinder so that he could plug each into his VFD so could run all of his equipment off one VFD (only one at a time, but he is a one man shop and can only run one piece of equipment at one time).
yes not cheap way for that price i can buy a better DP here in the land of cheap machinery fora little more I can get a Clausing DP

I 'll be on the look out for free treadmills , when one is found there will be questions as I stated I am no electric inclined.