Warabite-To Japanese Ainu sword

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Hey there,
This is my first sword i have been forging and working on the last 7 month's, it took me a couple of month's to find all the info and did a lot of research before i could start this project and i got so far to the quenching soon.
Here some pictures of what i have been working on, hope you like it, cheers Igor;)
Schermafbeelding 2014-01-01 om 20.42.16.jpg2013-06-24 20.41.56.jpg2013-12-07 14.18.30.jpg2013-12-22 20.43.47.jpg2013-12-04 19.33.54.jpg
Interesting piece ... nice work on mune....

The mune detail at the back is not original but i like it, also i filed the shinogi line away so it's more a hira-zukuri with niku instead of a shinogi-zukuri, these swords didn't have that and want to stay true to the original Warabite-To;)