What is your favorite collaboration knife?



Two of my collaboration folders!

Lum - BM760bk LFTi
Union - ZT0300 serie


Doc Pringles

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Again it’s a Benchmade for me.

The Lum 740 & 745(mini) are works of art that are very well made and manufactured with quality materials. S30V, Great low clip, flat ground and titanium liner lock with comfortable G-10.

Pictures don’t do this knife justice. Most who handle it like it when they were not thrilled with it from catalog pics.

These pics are from a prior sales thread but no doubt I still own one of each.


Erin Burke

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Well, I don't see anywhere where is says "production" collaboration knife.

THIS is one of my favorite collaboration knives. Joe Walters and Chris Olofson. Joe may just be one of my favorite makers of all time. Seems like he has disappeared lately... but we still have record of jems like THIS ONE.