What oil do you use?


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Just curious! I know for the most part pill is pretty much oil and all the big names get the job done. I like zero friction (though it is a very light oil) most reputable gun oils, break free, etc. But I just wanted to see what the old knife pros here rely on most.

Mister Coffee

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I just bought some KPL. Haven't used it yet. I've used Break-Free CLP on other stuff. I'm pretty sure that would work, too.


I have used mobil 1 for sanding at the recommendation of a few guys here...went from clogging paper quickly to Lonnnnng life time! I was so impressed that I run it in my vehicles now...lol.


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Remember that Break Free is a multi purpose substance, not straight lubricating oil. I wonder what most closely resembles good old fashioned sewing machine oil, other than good old fashioned sewing machine oil obviously? :) Sewing machine oil is a "white" mineral oil apparently and doesn't gum up.