WIP: Full Featured 2x72 for under $1500?!? Housemade Gen 4 Revolution Kit Build


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This is the path I chose to take, and I think there are enough new guys like me out there that might benefit from knowing that there is another high quality, made in USA option out there that doesn't require selling a kidney to have. I'm not sponsored or affiliated by anyone in anyway, and I purchased everything you'll see with my own money. I'm just a guy with an interest and now a habit, and since I can't contribute to this site with gorgeous knives yet, I want to with this experience. I'm not going to go through all of the steps or instructions, because it's all available for anyone that buys the kit, but rather an extended summary to show a bit of me fabbing up my own and sharing the process and features that convinced me to try this out instead of buying a turnkey grinder. To date I've never sold a knife & I've never done a WIP, so be gentle.

The tooling required to build it is likely things you already have, and if you don't you will use it beyond this grinder build, so it is all good money spent. The welding may be a dealbreaker for some but it's all easy stitching, and if you have been wanting a welder this is a golden opportunity to pull the trigger on that, too! You can have a welder + 2x72 grinder for under 2K. Not too shabby.

Brian Housewert is the creator of the plans, cut kit, and outstanding YouTube video instructional series for this grinder. Since I can't link anything, you will have to search stuff out, but when you find his site you will find access to everything related to the build, and many more resources. I am very impressed with Brian's operation, and the interactions I've had with him are genuine and professional. This is his baby, and it shows in all of the work he has done to make this kit affordable and easy to fab up.

Enough with the intro. Screw it, let's do it!
Here's the parts. Laser cut parts & fasteners in the first pic, tube set in the second.


The tubes were soaked in vinegar for 48 hrs to remove mill scale then softened edges and buffed with a surface conditioning belt on my little Norse 2x42 that this will be replacing.


The squarish flat piece is some extra plate that I am planning on using to modify the platen D-plate. More on that later.
Starting with the receiver tubes, the holes were drilled with my little Shop Fox 12" benchtop drill press and then tapped for the tooling arm stop knobs. I am continually reminded that this size drill press is a compromise, and one that I think I will remedy with a mini mill in the future.



Keep your weld criticisms to yourself.....:cool:

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Nice looking machine, Eric. I look forward to watching the progress.

I envy the welding. I am on about day 5 of my TIG experience. So far it has proven a great opportunity to learn to regrind 'trodes. :)
I actually bought my TIG machine expressly because TIG was the only method that I had completely failed at and given up on as a younger man. So I made a commitment to learn it so I could weld aluminum and anything else I wanted with the benefit of not throwing sparks and slag everywhere in my shop, which is also my nicely finished garage. I too, have spent much, MUCH time at the grinding wheel dressing tungsten....and still do! It gets better, and if you can TIG you can do anything in my opinion. I've only had my machine for almost a year. I'd say with this project it has easily paid for itself by now.
Is this item #253160864170 on ebay the grinder you're talking about? Just enter the item # in the ebay search box to find it. Looks like about $600 shipped? That's from the diktator folks?
Is this item #253160864170 on ebay the grinder you're talking about? Just enter the item # in the ebay search box to find it. Looks like about $600 shipped? That's from the diktator folks?
No, this is not from the diktator folks. I don't think Brian sells his kit on eBay. I'm not sure if we can post links here, but if you go to "housemade.us" you order it directly from Brian. This is NOT the OBM/Diktator/whatever their name is this week folks. I looked at those, too and they were not for me. Pretty sure they are bolt-up kits, not welded. Not a lot of happy folks with respect to quality and customer service found in my research on those builds. YMMV.
Yes, now I see the difference between the grinder in the links I posted and Housemade's grinder. I do prefer the Housemade grinder for sure.

You're right, we can't post clickable links unless the vendor is a sponsor of this site. BUT - we can post enough info to make it easy to select the text, then right click for a search to turn up what we're looking for. For example the kit I "think" you're looking at is the "Generation 4 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Bundle" which allows use to select the text between the quote marks, then right click and search. That turns up the grinder kit I "think" you're referring to. $595 w/free shipping? (deleted)

https://housemade.us/products/ultimate-bundle for the grinder

I'm pretty sure Boss allows clickable links on this site - Boss, If I'm wrong please correct.

I think we can post links to YouTube videos where he's got a really good build video of 1.44 hr long. While I see a few things I'd take issue with, he does have a decent price and I do think it would be an easy build for a half way decent welder.

For Amazon and ebay it's easy to post the item number. Then select the item number, search and it usually turns up as first link. OR, just copy the item number, paste into the search bar on either site.

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Ken, I appreciate your input. But this thread isn't intended to be a review on the merits of this grinder over others, yet. I intend it to be a WIP as I fab up and assemble the Revolution kit. I'm not looking at this kit, I've already purchased it and wanted to offer to take along anyone who is interested as I weld and fit it up, sharing my experience in doing so. As I was researching grinders, this was an option that I didn't see that anyone else has offered anything like this for. I want to offer that for others. I've presented plenty of information for anyone to easily locate this kit and associated materials with the most basic of Google-Fu and will do the same with all components as I present them.

Once my grinder build is complete and I have some time spent on it, I'll be happy to offer an honest assessment of what I like and don't like with respect to performance. Then anyone can feel free to make their own comparison to Reeder or anyone else.

Bühlmann: Sorry I came across in a negative way - for sure I did NOT mean to criticize your idea at all. I was just trying to provide a tad more info, and especially about the grinder. Remember, this is knifedogs and links are totally ok. Not at all like the "other" place. I had the "other" place in mind when I was writing how to post ways to find something. I will edit the other post and correct/delete some things there.​

House has a put together a really good "how to" for the grinder. GREAT video and well done.

Just wish to add I really like his solution to the curved platen - that would be fairly easy to build at home.

Ken H>
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Cut out the tracking pillar last night. 1:1 templates are included in the plan package, which is pretty cool. Makes it mostly idiot proof, but I intend to put that to the test!


Realized by changing my portaband blade just how dull the original blade was. New blade cut much faster & smoother.


Ready for fit up.

I really enjoy welding, which is one of the reasons I chose this route. I’m self taught on TIG, and honestly carbon steel more difficult for me than both stainless & aluminum. That’s the exact opposite of most, so I guess I’m weird. Anyways, here’s some progress shots as I’m waiting for it to cool.




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Time for the motor mounting plate. This is held on by filling plug welds to the receiver tubes. This is where TIG is difficult. With a MIG gun I could just basically shoot wire into the hole and fill ‘er up. Getting the tungsten and torch cup in there isn’t possible, so I extended the tungsten way out beyond normal to get good arc. It’s less than ideal, and a real bitch to not arc to the sidewall or touch my filler to the tip. I don’t think these plugs will be x-ray quality welds, but there is solid fusion and much surface area, so it’ll do. Just as good or better than flux core, I’m sure.



MIG is definitely the preferred process here. Pouring more heat into this frame than I’d like, so have to take it slow. Might have to add a MIG machine to the fleet….
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Does your TIG unit do stick?

PS, if you can afford a MIG that will use gas, do it. I hated fluxcore. JMO.
It does. I just don’t really want to move this shit-show outside! That & I haven’t run stick for many, many years. That would be an excellent workaround if I was on a timeline though, so thank you for the suggestion.

Funny you posted that right as I ran out of gas. I’ll get another bottle on Monday. Until then, I’m going to suspend plugging ops & move on to getting the risers ready.
Does your TIG unit do stick?

PS, if you can afford a MIG that will use gas, do it. I hated fluxcore. JMO.
I don’t have a MIG machine (yet), but I’d only buy a gas unit if (when) I do. I don’t like breathing burnt flux if I can avoid it.