Wooden sheath experiment


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So I saw a knifemaker's site with beautiful knives and he had interesting sheaths for them that were basically a wooden body with a leather top or collar warp around the handle. Thought I'd play with something similar. I have a small fillet knife that needs new sheath, so here's what I've come up with so far. Made the body with some scraps of purpleheart or wenge and "welt" of contrasting oak. Plan to sew or lace the open edge, and glue the leather to the wood with maybe Barge cement. Not sure about a mechanical connection between the two... hmm.
wood sheath3.JPGwood sheath4.JPGwood sheath1.JPGwood sheath2.jpg
Here is the site I stole the idea from:
First leather piece ended up too short and didn't grip the knife handle.

wood sheath6.JPG

So redid it... now it's a nice snug fit. Didn't think about a belt loop... Hmmm it's not glued together yet. Pondering.
wood sheath5.JPG
i'm thinkin' it's fine without belt loop - seems like most filet knives are stored in tackle box or in drawer at cleaning station ?
Just stitch a simple belt loop on your leather piece before you attach it to the wooden body. That would be the easiest way. Or attach a D-Ring which could later be attached to a dangler style loop.