Workbench plans


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OK, time I gave up my 20-year old B&D Workmate and built a real workbench. Does anyone have any suggestions or plans for one they could post or link to? I have been using the Workmate because it is portable and foldable but it has it's limitations and has become very old and rickety. I want something stout and permanent. Thanks for any help in advance. -Troy
I like allot of drawers underneath. No doors just lots of shallow drawers so the tools can be laid out not stacked up. Sometimes Sears has a good deal on metal tool boxes. My suggestion is to buy two banks of drawers and build the bench around them.
If you want to take the easy way out (as my loving wife helped me to do by buying me a bench as a gift), Sam's Club has a really heavy duty bench similar in design to the one "Sambino" posted. I can't find the exact one that I have on thier website, but they have one very similar that has a 4,000lb rating. Of course, i think a guy with a welder and some time could very easily build one just as sturdy.

Here is a pic of the one listed on thier site. Mine is simimar, but made of 2" square tubing with a 1" thick maple top. I believe the dimensions are 2' wide x 7' long x 4' tall.

work bench.jpg
If you have AutoCAD, I can send you some plans I put together for a bench I just built.

They currently don't have dimensions, but those are easy enough with AutoCAD. This weekend I may try to make up some PDFs with dimensions included.

At any rate, it's got a 3'x8' top that's 3.5" thick (4 layers 1/2" OSB/Plywood with a bottome layer of 2x4) and the base that the top screws to is about 2'x6', so you have overhang on all sides for clamping, mounting vices, etc...

Base is made from 2x4's and 2x6's and you can build the whole thing for about $150 or so worth of lumber.

Final weight I estimate at 350 to 400lbs and this thing is STOUT.
I got one of these. Thinking about getting another one. For a top, I just bought a solid oak door at home depot. Super sturdy and builds in just a few min.