WW-2 PAL-36 knife project.


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Just thought I'd share one of my recent projects. A PAL-36 that I bought cheap in very poor condition. And made into a very sturdy hunting knife. I changed the blade profile a bit by reshaping it to more of a bowie tip with false top edge. And added a much more sturdy thicker guard. Also finished the stacked leather handle to a thicker more hand filling diameter. I also made the sheath for it.
IMAG0436_zps4700dbef.jpg IMAG0435_zps1d4f2fec.jpg

Wayne Bensinger

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Very nice, and old relic brought back, good job! Maybe get another 70 yrs use out of it, right. Thanks for showing.


wall e

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I first looked at this and thought it was one of KA BARs hunting knives they make or made. Excellent job it looks great.

Heres a pic of the KA BAR