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Hello, I just signed up today! I have a collection of Tiny Spencer Knives that i want to sell is there anyone that may be interested please contact me. Thanks, Peter
hello mister Caffrey i would like to ask if you could show we a sight ore a place to have a way to fil some worm holes and cracks in wood with out ALUMITE ?
im a renter theirs little space for pumps ans vacuums thank, you as always for all your previous help
graveyard just a mutt
Rick Otts im a mutt i have not used personalize are and etcher i have a request if you can to talk let me know thank you
Great, sorry I hadn't seen that. But so glad you got it. I'm still waiting on that banana bread someone sent me that hasn't shown up : )
Paul , I responded on the thread about scrap iron, thanking you for the bottle opener and wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It has been placed with my keep sakes from special blacksmiths.